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Roofing Sanford FL: Why Choose G&A Certified Roofing North? 

red roof with roof ventG&A Certified Roofing North is the number one choice for Sanford FL commercial roofing contractors. We offer a wide range of services, and our team of roofing experts is well versed in using many different materials. We have over 15 years of experience in the roofing business, and we are willing to take on your roofing needs – no matter how big or small the project might be.

Our roofing repairs are designed to help you get the most out of your investment. When our crew performs roof repairs, we take steps to ensure your roof is not only repaired, but we improve the current condition of the roof to ensure your roof’s life is extended. We use high-quality materials and industry-standard installation to perform impeccable roof repairs and installations.

We can work with metal, tile, TPO systems, and shingles. If you need a roof replacement, repairs, or roof installation, you can count on our crew to give you stunning results. At G&A Certified Roofing North, we are dedicated to providing impeccable results without waiting. We can complete the project in between 2 and 4 days, depending on the size of the project. We can perform an inspection and get you an estimate at no additional cost to you! Get your quote now, and we can get your roofing project underway in no time!

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Roofers In Sanford, FL: Searching For A Dependable Sanford Roofing Services Company?

red roof in front of a gardenAre you looking for a roofing services company you can trust? When it comes to your roofing project, you need to know that your contractor will complete it on time and within your budget. There’s nothing worse than hiring contractors that do not clear up the site once the project is completed, and have a bad attitude. You need a roofing services company you can count on for impeccable service, that places customer satisfaction as a top priority.

At G&A Certified Roofing North, we have over 15 years of experience under our belt, and we aim to ensure the customer is always satisfied – if you need proof, just check out our reviews! We are contractors that keep you informed every step of the way and strive to complete on time and in line with the estimates we give. 

The volatile weather and humidity in the Florida climate can cause additional wear and tear on your roof, so we use only top-quality materials and industry-standard installation to ensure your roof lasts. 

We offer completely FREE inspections and estimates to our customers, and we are willing to take on any project. Whether you’re looking for commercial roofing services or smaller residential ones, we have the time, resources, and crew to complete your project. 

If you want to be completely satisfied with your roofing results, you won’t be disappointed with G&A Certified Roofing North. We are one of the most dependable Sanford roofing companies, and we can get you stunning results in no time! Along with Sanford we also have experienced [roofing contractor in Orlando]. So, get in touch today and our team of friendly experts will be eager to get your roofing project completed in a timely manner.

Roof Repair in Sanford FL 


  • red roofed house in a neighborhoodWhen your roof is damaged, you need a roofing contractor you can count on to get your roof back in working order. There are many reasons why your roof might need repairs over the years:
  • Seasonal wear and tear – the humid climate in Florida can loosen shingles, causing them to fly off in strong winds.
  • Storm damage – Florida’s tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes can do a number on your roof.
  • Old, worn out, and not up to code roofing – you need to ensure that your roofing is up to current codes, particularly its commercial building roofing.


Whether you need standard roofing repairs or emergency roofing repairs, G&A Certified Roofing North has got you covered. We work on commercial and residential roofing repairs to ensure your roofing meets current codes. 

We can provide roof repair or replace your roof should the need present itself. When your roof is damaged, you want it fixed quickly. Our roofing crew aims to complete roofing projects as quickly as possible to restore your roof to a high quality. When our crew repairs your roof, they take steps to prolong the life of your roofing, which can help you get the most out of your roofing investment. We believe in lasting results and high-quality roofing services to ensure your roofing investments last.

If you contact us today, we can send out an inspector to gauge the damage to your roof and give you an estimate completely free of charge. What are you waiting for? Call us today!

Re-Roofing In Sanford, FL: Your Trusted Roofer In Sanford

red roof under blue skyIf the roof of your Sanford home is relatively new but has suffered some damage, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace your roofing. At G&A Certified Roofing North, we offer re-roofing services that involve placing a new additional layer of shingles over the preexisting layer. This provides more protection for your roof and ensures your home is provided with protection.

Our team of experts is always on hand to analyse the current condition of your roof and find the most cost-effective solution. We place customer satisfaction as a top priority, which shows in the customer reviews we have received over the years.

You can count on our roofing crew to complete on-time and keep you informed at every stage of your roofing project. Trust is a top priority at G&A Certified Roofing North, and we understand the value of dependable contractor services.


Whether you’re looking for reroofing, roof replacement, roof repairs, or roof installation, our team has the experience and commitment to see your project through with high-quality materials and expert knowledge.

Commercial Roofing Sanford FL: Experienced Commercial Roofing Experts!

When you’re looking for a roofing company in Sanford FL to handle your commercial roofing project, you need to know that your roofers have a wealth of experience and an impeccable track record for providing exceptional results.

When we repair your roof, we not only aim to get your roof back in working order, but we also aim to prolong the life of your roof and ensure you get lasting results from your roofing investment. We provide roofing services all around the Central Florida area, including Sanford. So, if you have a roofing project in Sanford and need a roofing contractor, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We are eager to help!

At G&A Certified Roofing North, we have over 15 years of experience working on roof repairs, installations, and replacements. We are knowledgeable in working with various materials, from tile roofing to metal, TPO systems, shingles, and more. We specialize in offering shingle roofing services in the Sanford area.

G&A Certified Roofing North is your top Florida roofing contractor. Call us today to get a quote for your project completely free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many warning signs indicate it’s time to replace your roof. If your roof is over 20 years old, it might be worth considering a replacement. Some other signs to look for include:

  • – Cracked roof tiles
    – Rotting
    – Buckling
    – Torn, missing, and loose tiles

Weather, age, and the elements can all take a toll on the structural integrity of your roof, so it is paramount that you frequently analyze the condition of your roof. In Florida, humidity can cause damage to your shingles and cause them to fly off.

How long your roof will last depends upon a number of factors, such as the material of your roof, and the weather conditions in your area. Intense weather conditions can cause more wear and tear on your roof than milder weather conditions. For shingle roofing, you can generally expect your roof to last for between 15 to 25 years. At G&A Certified Roofing North, we use our extensive roofing knowledge to ensure any roofing we install, or repair should last longer and have an increased lifespan.

If you have a leak in your roof, the severity of the leak will determine whether you need a new roof or not. If you have a minor leak or two, this may mean you can simply repair your roof without replacing the entire roof. If the leak is severe, this could lead to highly costly damage, and you may need to replace the roof. It is best to act quickly when you have a leak in your roof, as this will help you to avoid further damage that may be costly to fix.

Determining the exact origin of the leak can be a pretty tricky undertaking. The water can take a complex path through the structure of your roof before entering your home. This is why it is often easier to enlist the services of a professional that has the tools and experience needed to find the source of the leak.

The length of time it takes to complete a project depends entirely on the scope of the job. Installing a new roof generally takes less than 4 days, but for larger or more complex projects, you should be prepared for the installation to take longer. You should also be prepared for your project to take longer if your Orlando roofing contractors uncover wood rot or pests when they remove your roof.

The heat, humidity, and hurricanes in Florida can result in some serious wear-and-tear on your roof. Shingles are vulnerable to wear and tear and can fly off your roof. This can compromise your roof, resulting in further damage due to rainfall. It is essential to assess your roof and determine if repairs are needed regularly. Resolving more minor roofing issues is more cost-effective than letting the problem progress, which may mean you need to replace the whole roof.

If your shingles are stained or discolored, this can indicate the presence of algae. Algae feed off the minerals present in shingles, and isn’t necessarily a problem. However, having algae on your roof can seriously damage your curb appeal and create an unpleasant appearance. Also, if the presence of algae leads to the growth of lichens and moss, this can cause some damage to your roof that makes it necessary to replace or repair your roof. Regularly cleaning your roof can help you to manage the growth of algae, maintain your curb appeal, and reduce the potential for damage.

The cost of a roof replacement is contingent upon many different factors. The size of your roof can affect the cost, as it will determine how much material is needed and how long the project will take. The material of your roof also influences the cost. You should also be prepared for any additional expenses during the project to fix issues such as rotted wood and structural damage. The pitch or your roof and the condition it is in are additional factors that will impact the cost. The best way to get an estimate for the cost is to have an inspection performed by your contractor and receive a quote.

One of the most common unexpected costs in a roofing project is rotted wood. Once the first layer of roof covering is torn off, we can then see the condition of the wood underneath. We can’t know if you have rotted wood underneath without tearing off the roof covering. 

The same goes if you have a pest infestation. The pests will have to be eradicated before the work can be completed, which will increase both the length and the cost of the project. If there are undetected leaks in your current roof, your roofing contractors may uncover some damage when they remove your roof, and wood rot will incur additional charges. 

If your roof is not up to current codes, this may need to be rectified and could incur unexpected costs during your roofing project.

To find the right roofing contractor Orlando, you should find contractors with experience that offer their services in your area. Then, you should get a quote and ensure everything you discussed is included in the quote to ensure there are no hidden costs. It can be helpful to look at the reviews of the contractor and ensure they complete on time and clear up any debris or equipment from the site on their projects. Trust is the most essential factor in your decision when choosing a roofing contractor.

Re-roofing, also known as an overlay, is an entire process where a new roof is installed over an old one. This means that you will not have to tear off the old roof, and you can add a new layer of shingles. Re-roofing is an excellent option if your roof begins to fail but is still in good condition. You can add another layer of protection to your roof without replacing it, which may not be necessary if it’s in good condition.

However, if you do choose to replace your roof, then removing and tearing off your current roof will be necessary to install a new one. Roof replacement works well for roofing that has been damaged and is structurally no longer in good condition.

The Best Roofing Contractor Services in Sanford, Florida

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